Let's build our own renaissance.

This website is my living CV, because paper, .docx and PDFs are not dynamic enough to contain my multitudes. It’s impossible for any of us to say “I am...” and complete the sentence with a consistent pattern. Identity is not a fixed variable; it is evolution and development. Growth, exploration. It's the dent we make when we push boundaries, and it's the bruises of all the things that haven't worked. Experience hardens our resolve and strengthens our muscles. My experiences are varied, global, and intrinsically curious. What can you find here? Take a minute, and explore:


Emma Sedlak is a writer, singer, and communications designer currently living in Sydney, Australia. She is a contributing writer at Relate, and The Mindful Word; and Head of Corporate Culture and Strategic Development for Real World Technology Solutions. She has roots in Scotland, the U.S., and the Netherlands, and often writes about how travel influences and adapts one’s sense of identity. She loves hiking, reading, philosophy, conflict resolution, and debating semantics. And cats.

It can be hard to use a short introduction as a complete landscape summary of who we are as people, as creative human beings. To some people, I’m a singer who teaches. In other spheres, I’m a writer who performs. I have a day job, a night job, and a few roles in freelance consulting.

I’m not just one [thing.] I’m all of those things, informed by the many facets of my contexts in the world.

I am a writer, and therefore a reader. I sing, perform, think, reflect, consider. I take things apart and internalise them before putting them back together in new combinations. I am a tactile learner through my hands: writing, sketching, typing, mind-mapping.

My house is filled with books, maps, passports, and music. My life is filled with curiosity, tentative linearity, and searching. I am precise and unconventional. And no two thoughts, or jobs, or exchanges will be the same.