Day 8 – Work Journals

Tuesday, 8th November 2016

Day 8:

5709 words today! Zendesk article, notes on an article, notes from text messages, and a few notes from my phone call with Ben. 

Tomorrow, I’m on a plane. Which means that Day 9 is actually like two days long for me! (and, in the reverse problem, I’m pretty sure I’m losing the 21st of November entirely). 

Feels good, but still feels hectic due to all the other things going on that I’m trying to simultaneously accomplish. Like packing. And work. And deadlines. And travel. On the phone with Ben last night, I promised him some epic email letters while I’m away. I’m also pretty sure they’ll be applicable to the NaNoWriMo I’m doing here, so I’m going to include them in daily writing too.

Does anyone else have this problem — as the Work Book is becoming more and more clear, there are other themes and other books arising too. I’m taking note, and getting all the thoughts down (because why not catch them and sketch them out while they’re coming through as well?). But it feels a little like my brain is trying to write 3 books at once. 

I’m not in the writing phase of the Work Book yet, so it doesn’t matter if it’s getting assuaged with other ideas. NaNoWriMo for me is just about getting the raw material down on the page. Thoughts, questions, reflections to articles and videos and other people talking about similar topics.

But still.. It’s very present. “It” being: at least 2 other books. And ideas and content and questions for those books.

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