Day 11 – Work Journals

Friday, 11th November 2016

Day 11:

874. (Later revised to include blog post: 1469). I’m watching the Hamilton’s America Documentary for the second day in a row tonight. I’m planning on watching it tomorrow, and the next tomorrow, and so on, until it stops being able to be streamed on the 18th of November.

I’ve never been a person to watch TV in the background of things (like sleeping, like working, like writing, etc). I don’t need TV for company. But this is different. I feel this way with songs sometimes, or books, or people’s poetry. LMM is a muse to me. I just want him to sit next to me while I work, whether that’s in the form of this documentary, or the soundtrack, or the book. I could fall asleep to this. I could watch it every day and still get something new out of it.
What is the writing showing up as today? Guys. I have so many books in my head. And they’re all churning up and coming out. I’m paying attention. I’m listening. I’ve actually almost fully abandoned the idea of working on the Work Book this month. I am getting it all out, whatever comes. I’m funnelling it out of my head, and once a month’s (or more) worth of material is out in a physical space, I will parse through it and figure out where all of these creative pieces want to live.

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