As a poet, I like to think of submissions as the way I find new homes for my work. When one of them gets adopted, I feel very grateful, and slightly sad to see them leave.



What Slight Gaps Remain: poems by Emma Sedlak
Published by Blue Hour Press, October 2016

Umbrellas of Edinburgh: poetry and prose inspired by Scotland’s capital city edited by Russell Jones and Claire Askew (includes “Heaven and Earth” by Emma Sedlak)
Published by Freight, November 2016


Ongoing Projects:

The Bedside Poet: If I kept a journal (I do, but don’t go raiding my house to find it), it would be this.

Awake and Asleep: Ongoing letters between T. and M. From Scotland, to the Philippines, to Sydney, and many places in between.



 “The new social responsibility: help the world profit from what you do naturally” — in Relate by Zendesk, 2017

“Join the good work club: B Corps and social impact” — in Relate by Zendesk, 2017

“Being human at work: the benefits of showing up whole” — in Relate by Zendesk, 2017

“Embrace the Complexities: Finding Balance in Opposing Forces” — in Holstee’s Mindful Matter, September 2016
How are you walking through your life?

“Knowing Another Is Endless” — on Medium, August 2016
Reflection on a young marriage between many unknowns.

“Nostalgia + AR + Social Impact = Pokémon Wins” — on Medium, July 2016
When you’re two weeks behind the times, you can actually see the themes emerging.

“Real Talk: We’re Not Vulcans, We’re Human Beings” — on Medium, July 2016
Dave Dyson (Sr. Customer Service Evangelist of Zendesk) presents about Keeping It Cool In a Crisis.

“Real Relationships: Your Employee Is the New Customer” — on Medium, July 2016
Naomi Simson, CEO of Red Balloon, presents at Relate Live about empathy, engagement, and who to really value first in your company.

“Real Impact: Streat at Relate Live” — on Medium, July 2016
Bec Scott presents (in a short interview) enough emotional content to fill ten keynotes.

“Real Question: Will Your Centre Hold?” — on Medium, July 2016
Do we know how much we can gain from being conscious in our relationships?

“Real Values: Relate Live 2016 from Zendesk” — on Medium, July 2016
My boss is overwhelmed with my live tweets, so here are a few more-complete thoughts.

“On Orlando: The Unmaking of Joy” — in The Mindful Word,  June 2016

“Daniel and Murakami: Finding solace in well-loved books” — in The Mindful Word, May 2016

“The Myth of Creativity” — in Holstee’s Mindful Matter, March 2016

“Ice Bucket Challenge: There’s a Book For That” — on Medium, August 2014




“Lothian Road;” “Life Map;” “Letter to My Husband;” and “Time is the opposite of an anchor” — in The Menteur: Flux Edition

“Letter to My Husband;” “Source;” “Doig: No Foreign Land;” “Dreams About Trains;” “Not Written;” and “Before September” — in The Mindful Word

“Questioning” — in The Poets’ Republic, Issue 3

“Heaven and Earth” — in Umbrellas of Edinburgh: poetry and prose inspired by Scotland’s capital


“Doig: Man Dressed As Bat” — in Quiddity International Literary Journal, 8.1


“Let the Day Pass” — in New Writing Scotland, 32


“My Pilgrim Soul” — in Crannóg Magazine, 33


“Charting the White” — in Crannóg Magazine, 23

“Ode to the Map” — in The Seersucker Rag


“Bay at the Back of the Ocean;” “Trace Quickly the Map of the Earth;” “Stealing Poetry;” “Nascentem In Presepio” — in Quiddity International Literary Journal, 4.1

The Icarus Poems: “Daedalus’ Gift;” “Fitting the Wings;” “Arrows In Flight;” “Sky Light Heaven;” “Helios;” “In Utero;” “Burning Icaria” — in the Outlet Magazine, Literary Issue

“Heidegger’s Love Affair With Being;” “Threads;” “Untitled (But Mostly At Sea)” — in 3am Magazine

“Driving Record” — in Muscle and Blood, 2


Awards & Prizes:


Best New Poets 2012 — nominated for “Trace Quickly the Map of the Earth”


Dorothy Rosenberg Prize — honorary mention for “They Say;” “Theodor-Eyes;” “Let the Day Pass”

Winner of the Forest Poetry Chapbook Competition (poetry) — chapbook remains unpublished